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   Aug 17

–Unity Amidst Our Suffering

Unity Amidst Our Suffering: Savings Options

Unity Amidst Our Suffering

(by Andrew Buckner)

Unity Amidst Our Suffering is a powerfully charged two-volume chapbook set that divides themes according to their political or personal nature while retaining them as a set for the common thread of unity (as suggested in the title itself). Buckner’s delivery is straight from an impassioned poet’s heart, and akin in majesty to Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks.

(A browse upon Pages 16 and 40):

Lines 59-76 of “Turn Not Your Unremorseful Eyes”

Ashamed! Ashamed am I!
Of the history of ethnic abhorrence and cultural ignorance
That is the state of the more providential individual’s utter indifference!

Turn not your senses, your emotions,
Your eminent feelings,
O’ worldly citizens,
To the uncorrupted knowledge
That it happened in Pretoria
And it’s happening there now!

It happened in Rwanda
And it’s happening there now!

It happened in Brazil
And it’s happening there now!

It happened in South America, Puerto Rico
And it’s happening there now!

Turn not your weeping hearts,
Turn not your sympathies,
Your unrepentant, unabashed, unremorseful eyes,
For this agony,
This ‘foreign’ despair…

Is as real as you and I!

“Oh, How Dearly I Yearn”

Oh, how dearly I yearn to make sense
Of this meaningless existence of mine,
To again feel the hands of serenity tense
Their stalwart grip upon this bitter heart’s decrepit shrine

How I yearn to achieve
A soulful gaze from the iris of understanding,
To finally conceive
The knowledge of why I remain standing
Amidst the arduous meadows of optimistic aspiration
When the world has so hopelessly scorned me as a fool

Oh, soulful misery! Why are you the only sensation
I’ve known
Since I was birthed into this world so cruel?

Oh, painful humiliation!
Why must I become so acquainted
With thy deceiving temptation?

Oh, how the vitality of thy core is tainted
With the consuming plague of lost opportunity!

How selfish was I to never see
That for too long I remained silent,
Bound to this oath of purity
As my heart raged,
But a sentimental tyrant,
Just wishing to be free

From the debilitating confines of everyday life
And this constant negativity,
For even though I am intoxicated in the bitter wine of strife,

Someday, a better man I shall be.

Unity Amidst Our Suffering is also available through Amazon.com.

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