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   Aug 21


Visit the links below to learn more about the esteemed poets and prose authors who have been published through Middle Island Press.

Olivia Bochicchio

Mohineet Kaur Boparai

Casey Brown

Andrew Buckner

Salvatore Buttaci

Robert Champ

Robert B. Connor

Judith A. Davis

Robert Epstein

Jack Galmitz

Stephen Godfrey

Benjamin P Granger

Robert Bates Graber

Kallima Hamilton

Dan Hedges

Loni Hoots

Jack Phillips Lowe

Gene McCormick

Todd Millick

Terry Minchow-Proffitt

Mwati Mwila

Seth Nation

Raymond Neely

Rodney Nelson

Dale Neuman

Sharad P. Paul

Robert Smith

Frances McColl Stewart

Mark Andrew James Terry

Patricia A. Turner

Lucie M. Winborne

Barbara Wirkus


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See our “Anthology Biographies” page for many more contributors to projects that have grown Middle Island Press from a spring seedling to a blossoming beauty.

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