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   Aug 30

–Appalachian Rivules

Appalachian Rivules: Savings Options

Appalachian Rivules (2011)

by Raymond Neely

Raymond Neely’s poetry is scenic of Pipestem and the surrounding areas, and is definitive about the present-day poetic mind of thriving Appalachia. From grim coal-mining realities to captivating mountain serenity, Appalachian Rivules interweaves nature and humanity, reality and poeticism to deliver wise insights into what it’s like to exist along the back roads and between the hills of West Virginia.

(A browse upon Page 15):

“Coal Mining”

The guts of the ground
are blown and picked out of hillsides,
and from underground,
are chunked and cubed into trucks
and dumped into lines of coal cars
which run further than the eye can see,
each holding tons of diamond-flecked
black gold,
and portions of men’s lives.
The black train to New Jersey, New York
leaves the gutted land and dilapidation
behind, the rickety falling boards
of condemned coal miners’ homes
and once beautifully rounded hills of God
shaved in upon and broken,
left topless,
toxic wash puddles and streams.
Children dig in ash where the
atmosphere is pink.
Men walk on all fours,
seeking holes like moles,
hiding away from holocaust.


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