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   Dec 12

–Homespun Truths

Stephen Godfrey - Homespun TruthsHomespun Truths (2011)

Homespun Truths: Savings Options

Homespun Truths is a mirror of sobering elements that stir the emotions and remind readers how very fleeting life is, and that fate isn’t always benevolent. This 24-poem collection (a true testament of the serious nature of “The Serious Poet”) is one of remembrance, of gloomy coal-mining realities, of social issues, of dread that history repeats itself, and of spiritual faith and humility.

(Sample Reading)

“I’m Not Cool, I’m Like Popeye” (Lines 1-16)

My wife and I were talking the other day,
Contemplating the deeper things of life.
I told her, I’m so glad that
I have come to the place in
Life where I don’t have to
Prove anything to anybody.
I don’t have to wear baggy
Pants falling to my knees,
Or my New York Yankees ball cap
Cocked to the side. I don’t have to
Walk a certain way or listen to a
Certain type of music.
I don’t have to have a Blue Tooth
Puking venom out of my ear.
I don’t have to be an Avant Garde
Poet, or the essence of cool.

“Trains of My Heart”

I remember trains
soothing my late night dreams.
Childhood lingers, whistles,
and the methodic cadence:
the box cars lulled
me to sleep night after night.

I remember the spit-shined
Fords, Chevys, Dodges on
flat beds to selling destinations.
I would climb up and examine
the factory-crafted beauties.

I remember boot camp blues,
then the whistle blew and
the tracks hummed and
Sang me to sleep once again.

In the twilight of my life,
I hear the distant whistle
across the far mountain,
and I know I am home.


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