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   Apr 23

–The Pathway

The Pathway by Raymond Neely

The Pathway: Savings Options

The Pathway (2012)

By Raymond Neely

Rife with romanticism, lightly laced with metaphoric eroticism, grounded in the roots of trees and singing to the stars with the sounds of pure poetry, each line within The Pathway is a living entity, a making of the muse.

(A browse upon Pages 13 and 14…)

Lines 24-29 of “If You Were a Tree”:

When Autumn came and made you blush,
and all the chirping songs were hushed,
when winter stripped your coat away,
I’d sway beside you just the same,
and whistle at your naked branches,
if you were a tree.

“You Are My World”

You bring forth before me
the life and essence
of the lands and places
for me, my mind and life.
Your emanations gladden the posies,
so sunshine smiles,
colors live, and
all that is does give.

You spurn the green from dormancy
and inspire romance.
You pull the lighted petals apart,
Cause the roaming rivers’ rapids,
and allow to live my labors’ love.
You beautify the dove.

You make the days and lands and skies
livid before my eyes.
You make me hear its sounds and cries.
All loves us.
You are my world.

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