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   May 21

–The Clovers and the Sun

Savings Options: The Clovers and the Sun

The Clovers and the Sun (2012)
ISBN 978-1-4675-3286-0

By Benjamin P Granger

Evocative, pristine, deeply emotional in a way of awe-inspiring serenity, this 66-page collection contains paragraphs of thoughts ranging from simple statements to complex ramifications into the realm of that which can only be felt.

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“Sheep and Sleep”

The sheep that I count are the basic
experiences that I have seen, from faces
to places to things that I have known,
will know, and may never know. Even though
the things that I do not know now are not
yet coming, I see the sheep in dreams that
I feel and see.


The clovers are a symbol of the luck
which can be the meaningful guide
that brings us to a light at the end of life’s rainbow.


(The Clovers and the Sun is also available through Amazon.com.)

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