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   May 29


Reflections by Dale Neuman

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Reflections (2012)
ISBN 978-1-4675-3287-7

Brought to a contemplative state through the rays of sun, the sea, the vast reflections of the vertical sky across the horizontal plane of water: these are the subjects that inspire Dale Neuman to take his pen and camera all over the country, and to transform natural beauty through his mind and deliver it to the page in poem and picture. Reflections is a 45-page gem of sagacious serenity.

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“Admonition and Reprieve”

Feathery, billowy clouds
sit gray beneath the sky
accent that part of nature’s realm
excite the watchful eye
to the soft, enveloping pillow
of folding, mirroring blue
set crystal clear
an unspoiled lake
against all earthly shades.


The quiet rays of sunset
Scatter atop a rippling sea
Tawny golden mirrors parting
As we slide through them silently.

Such times of brief duration
Are almost addictive to me
Moments of tranquil fascination
Both soothing and energizing to see.

The shadows of clouds now have covered
This melding of water and sun
Another day’s night is welcomed
With the work of that day now done.

(Reflections is also available through Amazon.com.)

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