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   Jun 01

–Heaven’s Doorsteps

Heaven’s Doorsteps: Savings Options

Heaven’s Doorsteps (2012)

by Stephen Godfrey

In Heaven’s Doorsteps, Stephen Godfrey (aka “The Serious Poet” of West Virginia) opens wide his heart as his Christian spirit sweeps and sails on a current of love and devotion, hope and humility. Included are twenty-four verses, hymns and hosannas that invite readers to join him as he follows a path of light that leads, ultimately, to the doorsteps of Heaven.

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Savor every moment
That comes your way today.
Life is but a fleeting second,
It’s never here to stay.

Cherish the memories that you have,
And follow the one that is true.
Sometimes it’s all there is in life
That will be given to you.

Run the course and waste no time,
Be true to what you believe.
Trust in Jesus and you will find
His spirit you will receive.

This thing we call life
Could come to an end at any time.
So, be on your guard,
And from life do not resign.

Just follow the master
And all will be well.
You will be secure
And only time will tell
If you have walked the line.

(Heaven’s Doorsteps is available also through Amazon.com.)

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