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   Jun 16

–Pluto & Proserpina

Pluto & Proserpina by Robert Bates Graber

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Pluto & Proserpina (2012)
by Robert Bates Graber
ISBN 978-1-4675-3918-0

Here, published separately for the first time, is the dramatic climax of the epic sonnet cycle Plutonic Sonnets (PublishAmerica, 2008). Bracketed by lyrical love sonnets in the Elizabethan style, eighteen sonnets—mostly narrative, but in the Shakespearean form—retell the myth of Pluto and Proserpina in a new and unforgettable fashion. Beautifully packaged, this sonnet sequence glows with wry humor and subtle wisdom. Read it with pleasure; give it with pride!

“What a pleasure to read . . . [Graber treats mythology] with a tongue in cheek irreverence I can respect.” –Poet/critic Patrick Gillespie

“I was particularly taken by [Graber’s] version of the tale of Proserpina and Pluto. It is lovely.” –James Meyer (Amazon review)

“Graber brings the sonnet back to life again” –-Robert N. Taylor (Amazon review)

(Pluto & Proserpina is available also through Amazon.com.)

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