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   Nov 17

–Shadowed Corner


Casey Stockard

Shadowed Corner

(By Casey Stockard)

This popular collection is a combination of poetry and descriptive paragraphs that describe the struggles of sheltered innocence longing to break free, and occasionally glimpsing that freedom in the sunrise, on a horse, or in a shadowed corner of the mind.

(A browse upon Pages 9 and 23):

“Devil’s Land”

He peers at the dusty arena
With his eyes open wide,
Waiting for the earth to shake
With eight seconds full of pride.

Rawhide in his teeth
And a glove upon his hand,
He knows when the gate is opened,
He’s on the devil’s land.


The raging water crashes against
The jagged cliffs.
Away, the loosely clattering leaves
Scurry across the shaken mud.
Splash! Gulp!
The leaves are gone.


(This chapbook is also available through amazon.com).

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