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   Feb 17


MIDDLE ISLAND PRESS began as a hobby (for the love of poetry) inspired by the ever-fluctuating but always beautiful Middle Island Creek which meanders through these lush West Virginia hills. It is here where poetry thrives in the hearts of many residents like perpetual summer flora.

I am Christina and have been designing books since 2005. I began printing chapbooks (as in the photo above) mostly for my prolific husband, then slowly expanded through West Virginia. Now my services have extended to poets around the world, but I no longer do the printing of little chapbooks which proved too costly and time-consuming. In 2015, we “took it to the next level” and have expanded – literally – to perfect-bound books sometimes numbering in the hundreds of pages. I do proofreading, design, listing and bookkeeping. To date, between two imprints, I have designed nearly a hundred books. Publishing is one of my most rewarding ventures as there is little so rewarding as thoughts and ideas made tangible.

My Sweet Robert is the “final word” whose opinions I highly regard. He is an esteemed poet, bibliophile, artist, geometer, and former art director of one of America’s largest ad agencies of its time.

Hannah Minchow-Proffitt (M.A. in Communication from Drury University) resides on the West Coast and designs everything from books to announcements to t-shirts. If my clients have high-tech design needs, she is an expert in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, and we know that she is the one who will be there with skill and diligence.

Hailing from the New Cumberland, WV–Greater Pittsburgh Area, Gloria J. Wimberley, M.A., is a freelance editor who handles prose editing for Middle Island Press. With an English background combined with rare talent, she has a meticulous eye – and she pens some exquisite poetry!

From Princeton, we have Salvatore Buttaci: retired English teacher, poet and Master of Flash Fiction. He is highly active in West Virginia’s literary scene and has been our key reviewer and promoter since 2010. For that we are grateful!

Middle Island Press serves both writers and the literary reading community. We extend subsidy services to writers, and it is the quality of our books that is the signature of all that we do, and alongside our authors’ pristinely poetic words, it is that which makes our books well worth purchasing.

See our “Get Published” page for more information on our publishing services, and browse our many titles available for purchase in support of living poets.

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