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   Jul 12

–Verses of Mother Ocean

Verses of Mother Ocean Chapbook

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Verses of Mother Ocean (2012)

(A Chiseled in Stone Poetry Masterpiece
compiled & edited by Raymond Neely)

Verses of Mother Ocean provides a quiet retreat for the mind, an interlude between activities for the reader to stroll along sandy shores, brave the waves of Mother Ocean’s might, and swim in her seductive depths. Extraordinary poets from around the world proffer various poetical styles within this 62-page treasure trove, a quintessential respite for lovers of sea-spray, wet sand between the toes, and the occasional skinny-dip.

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“In the Gyre” by Christy White

In the deep oceans between cold beaches
and other warm sandy coves
or rugged wind-blasted cliffs
a gyre turns like a dervish
in continuous meditative dance
skirts made of leftovers
of castoffs and castaways
of a world’s dirty secrets
a blur around a center point
drawing inward
a reflection of our solar system
with a terrible dark sun
Counting yellow ducks
becomes a dizzy pastime
for albatross and passing whales
“It’s possible to break free
even after years of circling”
You may end the past
and come to rest
on the shores of a foreign land
It’s possible

“Rise” by Paul Sands

here the ocean rose
sliding a hyaline mountain
silently towards me

with slow burning summit
sibilating and seething
its voice discovered

with tympanic glee
casts its moiling progeny
splintered on the shore

diamonds in the strand
dancing on the salty wheeze
seascaped and sunbaked.

“Sanibel” by Kenneth Weene

Two pelicans stand guard above the green murk tide;
overhead, unnumbered osprey glide,
contesting the fisher’s line and winning
time after cursing time.

The pier, on which a heron sits, narrows off the quay;
three otter swim close by, asking us to play;
while laughing gulls offer their high-pitched, raucous say.

Splashing in frustrated rage, the dolphin waits
for deep water escape;
blowing breath,
she leaps and slaps against the shallow pool as if to say
enough of waiting here when I can hear the waves
breaking just beyond – where the channel meets the bay.

(Verses of Mother Ocean will soon be available also through Amazon.com.)

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