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   Feb 23

–Hills & Hollows

Hills & Hollows:
A Collection of Doddridge County Poetry

First Paperback Edition (2015)
ISBN 978-0-6924-4773-4
By thirteen area contributors

We call this a genuine “country collection” like no other.  It consists of twenty-five heartfelt poems from the pens of contributors who reside in or have resided in Doddridge County, West Virginia (where, save for the bells at noon and five, time stands still as a tree beneath slumbering Aeolus).  70 pages; $10 plus $2.50 shipping.

(A browse upon Pages 23, 27, and 31):

“Spring Tease” by Laureen D. Kelley

A snowy hillside at a glance:
A flying robin takes his chance.
Thinking spring was here to stay,
Changes his mind the other way.

In blustery wind his wings take flight,
Soaring about to see the sight,
Looking for green meadows he saw the other day,
Where while he was eating, he watched the young birds play.

He sat on the fence and glanced around
And watched the snow fall to the ground.
Oh, where was the sun and the nice warm breeze?
Shame on the spring for being a tease!

“West Union Nights” (Lines 1 – 14) by Frances McColl Stewart

If I need to rise, let it be in time
To see, to feel mist covering my feet -
A glimpse of ankles swimming through this sweet
And gentle solitary game (where I’m
Engrossed in fantasy), played in mime,
With fairy rules of hide-and-seek.
For sometimes, toes themselves will meet
Their matches; even ankles count on morning porches neat
In filmy shroud.  And toes that play like mice
Beneath long skirts with sneaking peeps
May find themselves outclassed by anklet’s nice,
Transparent writhing dips and leaps!
Then Eos laughs and in a trice,
Mist burns, beginning with the peaks.

“A Little Country Cottage” by Larry Homer Swiger

Mary and John will soon be married,
And oh, what peace will be theirs,
For they’ll have a little vine-covered cottage
With one cozy little room upstairs.

A little creek runs out in front,
A-past their little home;
A hill doth tower in the back
Where many a little deer doth roam.

A neat little yard beside their house
In which, some future day hence,
A little child – their own – will play,
Surrounded by a wooden fence.


This First Paperback Edition of Hills & Hollows, revised from the original saddle-stitched chapbook, is also available for purchase through Amazon.com.

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