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   Jul 25

–Serious Stuff

Serious Stuff: Savings Options

Serious Stuff (2012)
by Stephen Godfrey

Most suitably titled, Stephen Godfrey’s fourth Middle Island Press chapbook addresses in his straightforward style subjects such as social, environmental and spiritual decay while honoring memories and upholding significant people and events in history–”serious stuff” for serious readers and supporters of Appalachian poets. 43 pages.

(A browse upon Pages 31 and 33…)

“The Butts”

Dotting the landscape across our land,
On a highway, specks of orange
Fly out of car windows, hitting
The pavement and bursting into cinders.
Non-biodegradable filters make
Their homes in crack and crevice.
It’s against the law to litter,
But tossing cigarettes is a cultural norm.
America, America, where have your
Butts gone?

“The Six O’ Clock News” (Lines 49-61)

Weep, America, weep over our lost sons;
Never to view their smiles anymore,
Or laugh with them in the noonday sun
Shining down upon their heads.

Oh, that deadly news report
That brought a nation to its knees
Year after mind-blowing year
Of misery, sorrow and heartache.

Thousands upon thousands
Of flag-draped coffins came back
To be mourned over by loved ones
And were planted in Arlington Cemetery.

Taps, lights out forevermore.

(Serious Stuff is available for pre-orders.)

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