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   Aug 27

–Lives of My Love

Mohineet Kaur Boparai poetry chapbook

Lives of My Love: Savings Options

Lives of My Love (2012)
ISBN 978-1-4675-4891-5

This book is a casing of love and its histories with verse and philosophy. A play of wild blooms amidst the organization of life, poetry in this book takes a break from the historical events of life and focuses on the anecdotal. It is sharp, impulsive and reflexive. The poet enters the world, walks to its other end and records what she sees journeying from an abyss to an Eden. 69 pages; artwork by Mohineet.

(A browse upon Pages 22-24…)

“Waking Up”

Slow as sunspots
Or weeds that grow in them
I rolled out of the morning
On the tips of the horizon
It had stages, as everything else
First the quilt was torn from my skin
Then something that had formed under it,
Like sweat, evaporated
Molecule by molecule.
I opened my eyes and
Saw a thorny hand in the window
Growing hard as an order
Unmoved by the wind that was
Everywhere, tearing at our cheeks
Like clothes drying on the line
Quickly the birds fled and became spots
Where last night the stars had been
I yawned, a carryover from last night
And remembered the balloon
Of expectation punctured just before
I put my feet in the quilt
The bed began singing an
Anorexic’s song of the hollow in my body
Of setting suns swallowed in
Whirlpools of fire
The morning took my hand and walked me
On a thinning tightrope of dreams
It was a story with a
Beginning, middle, and no end

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