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   Dec 09

–Love Casts a Long Shadow

Love Casts a Long Shadow

Love Casts a Long Shadow (2013)

Humbly yet passionately penned, Love Casts a Long Shadow is a collection of twenty-four religious verses in prayer to and in praise of the Son of God, suitable as hymns of devotion, of anticipation of His imminent coming, and of spiritual surrender to what will be.
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“Trials I See”

Following me like a mad dog
From sea to shining sea
Chasing, hounding all day long
The trials that I see

Yes, I am grateful for these trials
That draw me close to You
For the things that knock me down
I know You’ll see me through

Thank You, Lord, for taking me
Through the Valley of Trial
Everyone will experience these
So don’t you be in denial

The trials, the trials will not prevail
This is a sure promise
Oh God, Thank You so much
For the trials that fall upon us

(This chapbook is now available through Middle Island Press.)

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