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   Feb 25

–Bog Light

Bog Light
Second Printing, 2016
ISBN 978-1-4675-6739-8
by Rodney Nelson

Bog Light: Savings Options

The poems of Bog Light start with late summer, its heat and overgrowth, moving on through fall and into the severe religiosity of northern winter. On occasion Nelson takes the name of a holiday or saint’s day, for example, in “Saint Scholastica’s,” as title. “There is counterpoint here,” he says. “Title and poem are not at one, and I don’t try to make them seem so. It’s enough to leave human reality where it is—and nature’s—and only watch and listen. They join somewhere.”

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trail not the tug of it
no known or imagined
beckoning at the crook

one time you would have hiked
alone or not on this
and any afternoon

high bright clouding and a
turkey vulture lazing
in one time or any

hardwood shade and deerflies’
the only jingo but
not enough to goad you

a too-heroic theme
of mind to be whistled
only within your own

maybe the pull again
an other waiting at
the lot or where beyond

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