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   Mar 15

–Old Dan of Walking Green Mountain

Old Dan of Walking Green Mountain (2013)
by Robert Smith
ISBN 978-1-4675-6915-6

Old Dan of Walking Green Mountain: Savings Options

Inspired by Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Basho and a list of many others as credited in Smith’s introduction, his words flow like a pristine spring mid-way down the highest mountain. He proffers the following: “So, here is ‘Old Dan of Walking Green Mountain’: he’s as real as both the sunrise and the river that flows through your heart and he’s right there, walking with you, too… and willing to share his walking stick when you need something to lean on…” Enjoy these 37 pages of pure joy, love and inspiration spilling over from the East like morning sunlight.

(A browse upon pages 11 and 21…)

The Hermit Poems: 1

The old hermit lost his tongue
After building his cabin in the woods of
“Walking Green Mountain”… He used to smile,
Though, as he swept the porch and steps
And then continued on down the trail…
I followed him for a while
Until he stopped and stood before his sign:
“Reality One Mile Ahead”
While leaning on his tired broom…
He looked up at me as if expecting
A question or even a comment,
But receiving neither, he handed me
His broom and walked away… This is now
My second winter on “Walking Green Mountain”:
I’ve learned to pause most of my thinking
And my ink is finally running low:
So mostly I just listen now and wait
For the certain and steady approach of Reality…

The Hermit Poems: 21

The wild rose grows in the shadows
Near the banks of the “subtle creek of doubt”,
Often I have collected the fallen red petals
To place them upon my shy wooden altar:
It would never think to seek anything in shadows –
It seems to think only of the Light
It seems to only need my knees on the floor
It seems to only want my steady surrender…

But one very clear morning, pretending to sleep
I watched that old hermit’s altar swing the door aside
And float like some mystic lotus across the yard
And turn to follow the path to the creek
I followed unsure of the meaning of this awakening:
I followed to the wild rose in the shadows
I was stunned to see a disembodied hand gathering
The fallen thorns: all around me a song: nothing
And no one is ever to be left behind… nothing
And no one is ever to be left behind… nothing
And no one is ever to be left behind… Now I cry
Each step I take on Walking Green Mountain…

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