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   Mar 20

–The Tao of Old Dan of Walking Green Mountain

The Tao of Old Dan of Walking Green Mountain - poetry chapbook by Robert SmithThe Tao of Old Dan of Walking Green Mountain (2013)
ISBN 978-1-4675-6992-7
by Robert Smith

The Tao of Old Dan: Savings Options

This, the second collection of Smith’s Walking Green Mountain series, is a harmonious fusion of the ancient (“Divine Mother”) aspects of new-age spirituality combined with Taoist philosophy. It is lucid, warm and welcoming, and pure joy to read! It begins with a wonderful twelve-page prologue and then flowers into 46 benign “free verses” followed by the epilogue which wraps up the story of Old Dan, bringing it full-circle, in essence, to begin anew.

(From the prologue…)

The Problem: We have forgotten our origins in Love Consciousness and have let the representatives of Power manipulate and control our lives to their own advantage.

The Solution: We must enter upon the Path of Remembrance and recreate our lives and institutions according to the requirements of Compassion.

The Way: We were never abandoned by the Divine Mother – She has given us the way of remembrance: The Way of a Simpleton.

(A browse upon page 25…)

What purpose do you ascribe to your life?
What meaning do you seek in the ruin of your flesh and bones?
Why do you seek “forever,” when this moment
and this breath, is worthy of perfect love?
The simpleton can rest in the shade of desire
and not be tempted to power — not attached
to “purpose,” “meaning,” and “forever,”
the simpleton loves, laughs, and serves:
and is thereby opened by the pomegranate
of “purpose,” “meaning,” and “forever.”

(This chapbook is available for individual sale or as part of a set alongside Old Dan of Walking Green Mountain.)

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