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   Mar 22

–A Call to Life, A Cry of Pain

Andrew Buckner - A Call to Life, A Cry of Pain poetry chapbookA Call to Life, A Cry of Pain (2013)
ISBN 978-1-4675-6993-4
by Andrew Buckner

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In A Call to Life, A Cry of Pain, poet Andrew Buckner brings us a breathtaking collection of twenty sonnets. As the title suggests, they are poetic works that can be read as both an inspiration to motivate our existence and an anguish-filled scream of authentic despair. Whether these themes can be read on the surface together or deeply embedded within the work itself, the introspective and social subject matter found inside these pages are both timeless and triumphant. 47 pages.

(A browse upon pages 11 and 41…)

“The Weight of Years”

Alas! The pulverizing weight of years
Bears far too heavy on the defeated
Those whom the idol of faith hath cheated
Despite the spiteful instrument of tears
Labor, family calling with somber cheers
Like a young child acting bashful! Deceit
Summoned by the rich, opulent! Retreat
From this slumbering falsity! Our fears
Are being honed to grief by self-possessed deeds!
Forsaking the clone-like path they’ve beset!
The toil we immerse ourselves ceaseless in
Is but a sacrifice to gods of greed
Silently we say joyful life is yet
To rise! The truth screams ragingly within.

“Humanity’s Body Comes Unburdened”

Jealous, gentle subject! Night’s burden far
Outweighs the mocking change! The scathing truth
Ruddy, crimson tear! Bloom of seasons! Youth
Begging dull-winged! On knees bent, lowered, scarred
Wishing wistfully! Come time, life unbarred!
Flee from the fleshy shell, verified proof
That all outcomes are finitely aloof
Anxiety is the gasping soul marred
Aimless as the autumn rain, winter dust
She strays! From the begotten ivory womb
Once pregnant with chance! Now empty with age
The inevitable corrosion, rust
Serpentine shrouds! Somber secluded tomb
Self’s burial grounds! Cathedrals of rage!

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