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   Apr 06


Middle Island Press is here to work with you in getting your words in print and sharing them with the world. We offer our superlative publishing services for poetry and artful prose in good taste. All titles include Amazon listing and an ISBN. Other online listings are optional without further cost.

Publishing services for perfect-bound poetry books begin at $275.00. This amount increases fifty cents per page beyond page sixty, inclusive of all front-matter. There is also a $195 option for streamlined poetry projects with short manuscripts (see the bottom of this page).

We will make cost determinations for prose after scanning manuscripts. A fair estimate for prose with light to moderate editing requirements is $350. Gloria J. Wimberley, M.A., is our fantastic freelance editor.

MIDDLE ISLAND PRESS PUBLISHING includes the following:

*See details below.

1: Publishing of your superb words without page limit

2: Proofreading for poetry; freelanced editing for prose*

3: Unique layout and design*

4: Unique full-color cover (front and back), glossy or matte


6: Electronic bar code on back cover

7: Books In Print registration through ISBN distributor

8: Print-on-Demand (POD) Listing on the Middle Island Press website

9: Listing on Amazon.com

10: 100% Royalties (trackable) paid annually (1/1)

11: Ongoing promotion*

12: An uncommon level of integrity, respect and dedication*

13: The option to buy any number of books at any time at a low author rate direct from the printer*

2: We do basic proofreading of poetry with the understanding that some English rules are flexible and much of today’s poetry is more relaxed in style, so we simply aim at maintaining consistency throughout your collection. Prose is freelanced to a competent editor who applies academic standards, and then it is proof-read before layout.

3: The client may choose fonts, whether text is flushed or centered, etc.

11: Ongoing promotion includes announcements at places such as LinkedIn and Poetica~Place, but the surest sales results are by the author’s own efforts as buyers generally either know the author personally or have a strong interest in a book’s subject.

12: Welcome to the MIP family. It will grow and grow, and we will keep you abreast with the latest MIP News as announced at Poetica~Place.

13: The wholesale rate varies according to whether the interior is color or b/w, the number of pages, and the size of the book. (Our standard is to print 5″ x 8″ books with b/w interiors to minimize cost on both ends; however, anything is doable.)



*Have your work honed to the best of your ability.

Be certain that you are satisfied with your selections. Once you submit your work to us, we begin layout promptly.

We are happy to correct spelling and obvious punctuation and grammar oversights, and we are fairly casual about what a manuscript is and how it is presented. If you wish for clarification on anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

*Make Contact with us.

Send us an e-mail. You may include a manuscript and biography as an attachment or within the body of your e-mail. Once the initial payment is processed, we immediately begin working toward your being published, and we know that you will be proud of the final product.

*Send us your manuscript.

Consider that for best visual results regarding poetry, line length should be limited to roughly twelve syllables, but we can handle several more per line if a more compressed font is acceptable.


We also offer a lower cost perfect-bound-only option for very small manuscripts of twenty-five short poems or less. No images beyond the title page and the biography page. For this basic level of streamlined work, the cost (exclusive of books) is $195. For this option, pay below.


If you wish to pay by check or money order or need to make special payment arrangements, feel free to contact us about it. We are flexible within reason.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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