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   Apr 17

–A Time for Change

Middle Island Press Poetry Chapbook: A Time for Change by Casey BrownA Time for Change (2013)
ISBN 978-1-4675-7395-5
by Casey Brown

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Utah poet Casey Brown (formerly Casey Stockard) presents her third compilation of poetry which delves heart-first into the trials of relationships, the pangs of maternity and illness, and the joy of new love. This country verse is underlined with lessons learned and experience to pad a gentle soul’s imminent footpaths along the bumpy roads of the rural desert West. 47 pages.

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I open my eyes to a bright new day
I feel my soul renew
On a bed of peace and love I lay
Floating in a sky of blue

Every flower is in bloom
Each one turns to look my way
Every bird of song in tune
Contentment that a breeze can’t sway

My bare feet on a path of stone
A smile upon my face
Through this paradise I roam
Weightless in this space

“A Time for Change”

I’ve been down the beaten trail
Had my life become derailed
Watched helpless as my tower fell
Camped out in a personal hell
Searched for meaning in it all
With bloody knees I had to crawl
Everyday worse than the one before
For every reach, a burning door
I had to die inside before I could heal
Somewhere deep down I found the will
And through the angry tears I cried
I emerged strong on the other side
There was a time a smile felt strange
But now is a time for change

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