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   Jun 21

–The Mermaid’s Thesaurus

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The Mermaid’s Thesaurus (2013)
by Kallima Hamilton
ISBN 978-1-4675-7897-4

From zany to contemplative, Kallima Hamilton’s poems range in their lyrically-honed emotionality. In The Mermaid’s Thesaurus, she demonstrates the knack for having fun with verse–each syllable rumbles with excitable overtures. Sensual, dense and light-hearted at turns, she uses words to express her unique philosophy of the world. As she puts it in “Mermaid Singing on a Grey Jutting Rock,” all journeys begin with her Mermaid-Muse’s “song-swirling sternum’s jeweled aria.”

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“Yielding to Birdsong and Avarice”

I rankle to the hissing tinsel as it glitters, roadside,
a tease
of sun-glint. A black crow
caws and angles
herself across my line of sight. Each moment
is a new beginning in a sea of gazillion do-overs.
My heart swims: peacock, starfish, iridescent bubble.
Smeared with rainbows,
where we mind dance around Egyptian pyramids,
breathe mad wafts of Nag Champa.
Thick with laughter,
our solar plexus areas arouse an enormous luminosity—
we soar, half-golden,
into a powdered blue (obnoxiously true) sky,
beaming with self-confidence
and early signs of demented, carefree awareness:
living in the now,
forgetting these little egos
ankle nipping and demanding me-me-me’s.
Part of the beauty, Rumi said, I am part of the beauty.

“The Mermaid’s Thesaurus”

It’s unbecoming to glean from all the boys
who wallow in pirate gold.

When I’m doused,
dizzy with spume and stuttering angel-mouthed
uncertainties, it behooves me to have a compendium
of fossilized words.

Words that can tell the time
underwater, blindly, at random.

Huge attempts to ferry down, fall in love, paint the town red,
but all I do is float like kelp. Got to be some help out there,
juke-joints other than this kingdom beyond sound alone.

Trade all my emerald fish scales for a limber pair of gams.

Etymology’s a gorgeous wench on these jagged rocks.
She’ll make you forget hausfraus steadily weaving, weaving.

Siren songs waft in the mesmerizing eyes of beluga whales
while blonde fish-bottomed girls blow deathly come-hithers.

Metaphysical, I arrive at absurd conclusions,
whisper flamboyant syllables as if they were real swan tears,
synonyms for something salted with fire.

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