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   Aug 04

–Rancho de Fortuna

Rancho de Fortuna

Rancho de Fortuna (2013)
ISBN 978-1-4675-8451-7
by Kallima Hamilton

From trail rides to tanning at the beach, Kallima Hamilton stirs up memories of her fortunate past growing up in Orange County. With Rancho de Fortuna she carefully selects nostalgic images that
impacted her life as a poet. Rendered in full color and detail, these poems radiate a California girl’s joie de vivre and sun-soaked innocent marvel.

(A browse upon pages 25 and 26…)

“New Mexican Cherries” (lines 1-34)

Three Dog Night’s reminding us
that one is the loneliest number
as we hold a candlelit séance
at our slumber party.

Jan tells spooky stories of a missing hand
with a mind of its own.
Diane will teach me how to shave
my legs in the morning.

Lynn encourages me to sleep topless,
assures me this will make my boobs big.
(A week later I’m confident it does!).

My cousin and I hike up
an enormous tree. An oak, maybe a walnut?
The base of the tree’s trunk seems
about ten-feet wide.

High up in the V of branches,
we sit camouflaged with an abundant bag
of fallen over-ripe cherries.
My cousin is wicked, egging me on

to throw cherry bombs
down on slow-passing cars.
I hesitate, paranoid of getting caught.
When I get up my nerve for the dare—

just then a pristine pale lemon Mustang
cruises underneath the tree
and I chuck a handful of cherries—splat—
right on the hood.

Geez, the guy gets out, beyond pissed off
and screams into the leafy air.
We hold our breath for minutes
and, whew, get through it undetected.

The next day I see the car
out front of the Five and Dime
and I bolt, guilty as hell.

(Rancho de Fortuna is also available at Amazon.com.)

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