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   Feb 23

–Windows of the World

Windows of the World, a Middle Island Press chapbook by Stephen Godfrey

Windows of the World: Savings Options

Windows of the World (2014)
by Stephen Godfrey

Stephen Godfrey, known as “The Serious Poet,” continues his poetic endeavors with his sixth chapbook with Middle Island Press titled Windows of the World, a collection of thirty of Godfrey’s older and newer poems which are viewed through his unique perspectives on life and his timeless experiences. 41 pages.

(A browse upon page 24…)

“Pride Has ‘I’ in the Middle”

We think we know so very much
When we know so little.
We talk of worldly things and such
And think we’re fit as a fiddle.
Our pride runs so very deep and long;
We hold it to our breasts,
Display it in our poems and songs
And give it all our best.
We get so easily offended by someone
Who chinks our shallow armor;
It could be mother, father, daughter or son,
Or the lovely Savior!
Let’s not let our pride determine
Which road we shall travel.
If we do, it is clear to me
That our lives will unravel.
So don’t let that wily old pride
Get the very best of you.
Lay down the armor and put it aside
Is the best thing you can do.

(This chapbook is available through Middle Island Press.)

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