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   Mar 20


Fargo by Rodney Nelson: A Middle Island Press Poetry Chapbook

Fargo: Savings Options

Fargo (2014)
by Rodney Nelson
ISBN 978-1-4951-0352-0

In Rodney Nelson’s hometown on the Red River prairie of eastern North Dakota, summer is an aberration, a momentary fever; winter is normal. So the poetry in Fargo is of the cold. There is a companion chapbook, Winter in Fargo, which took second place in the 2013 Cathlamet Prize competition and is due this year at Ravenna Press.

(A browse upon page 9…)


green had made a differing of sky and earth
and when it went the pavement returned to rock
matching the cold gray above
all memory
of wood and leaf scent dried into a spice that
north wind could not activate or became a
nut with ground hardening over the churchyard
interring the two the so-young man and
woman would not have gotten easier had
to do the dig now in a storm coat
might be
no one around to bury their grandchildren

(Rodney Nelson’s Middle Island Press chapbooks are also available through Amazon.com.)

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