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   Jun 02

–Cross Point Road

Cross Point Road (2015)
ISBN 978-0-6922-6780-6
by Rodney Nelson

Cross Point Road is Nelson’s first major collection. “It would not do to try to put content or theme before art,” he claims; however, readers will note the prevalence of western American landscape behind and within his lines, especially that of his native northern Great Plains. Cross Point Road is in part Nelson’s tribute to the world he has found outside the windshield. $17 plus $2.50 shipping and handling.

(A browse upon pages 65 and 66…)

“The Quiet of Now”

a jeep road into trees
that had been here during
leaf time and were here now

red dragonfly or two
in air the color of
junco even at noon

erupting cattail heads
and through a wickerwork
of branch a wooded hill

in the sun far away
had not been there during
leaf time and was there now

holding out promise and
determination to
the eye in bare gray fall

like one remote headland
the eye had picked out and
set to find long ago

the trees up on the hill
unseen during leaf time
had been there and were there

(This title is available via Amazon.com and the CreateSpace eStore.)

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