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   Jun 07

–The Nymph of the Unknown Forest

The Nymph of the Unknown Forest by Loni Hoots

The Nymph of the Unknown Forest (2015)
ISBN 978-0-6924-6730-5
by Loni Hoots

In The Nymph of the Unknown Forest, the deep waters of the subconscious surface softly in this fantasy-full collection of narrative poems rich with the romance of youthful imagination, ethereal as whispers in wind and waves, yet clear and multi-sensory as a lucid dream that returns night after night… 49 pages.

(A browse upon page 45…)

“Keeping the Meadows Alive”

The beautiful meadows are filled with red roses.
The softness of the grass under her feet tickled her lightly.
Softly taking steps,
She didn’t want to ruin the landscape.
She wanted to preserve the flowers.
Let them fully bloom.
Once they had fully bloomed,
She would then pick them.
Carry them off to her villa.
For now, these roses will stay.
Stay to keep the meadows alive.

(This title is available via Middle Island Press and Amazon.com.)

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