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   Aug 07

–Jupiter Works on Commission

Jupiter Works on Commission (2015)
ISBN 978-0-6925-0688-2
by Jack Phillips Lowe

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If the Smithsonian Institution and Disneyland were to have a baby, then Jupiter Works on Commission by Jack Phillips Lowe would be it. With both funny poems and serious, thought-provoking poems, it’s chock-full of enough head-scratchers to impress your college philosophy professor, and enough knee-slappers to make you forget your kid’s tuition bill. You can have everything…at least in poetry. 57 pages.

(A browse upon pages 9 and 10…)

“The Breadman”

Calvin the Bibleman,
born-again Christian forklift driver,
used to bring loaves of bread
from his church’s soup kitchen
and leave them in the break room
for any and all takers.

Calvin’s loaves resembled the fists
of old-time bare-knuckle boxers—
gnarled, discolored, covered with
lumps, cracks and bruises—
and reeked like tired sweat-socks.

Everyone laughed at Calvin
and let his bread sit untouched,
moldering for weeks until finally,
the boss lady threw it away.
There was no need for those busted fists
when you could buy sweet-smelling slices
fresh from the Butternut factory.

Then came the day when the boss lady
delivered us the corporate one-two punch—
an open-ended salary freeze
followed by a deep payroll cut.
Overnight, Calvin the Bibleman
became Calvin the Breadman.

His orphaned loaves suddenly smelled
like manna from heaven
and looked like edible artwork.
Not a single employee laughed
when Calvin’s loaves sprouted wings
and started flying out the break room door
before they’d barely touched the table.

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