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   Oct 06

–BROOKS, Laken

Laken Ocean Brooks is a stubborn Appalachian writer interested in metaphors and apple peelings. Much of her work centers around focusing a natural lens on the human experience to symbolize conflicts and resolutions in the human realm.


Inside the Dark Room (2015)
ISBN 978-0-6925-5205-6
by Laken Brooks

Inside the Dark Room (poetry on the beautiful and destructive perceptions of women) is a perfect-bound chapbook of free verse: primarily haiku-style. Brooks’ insights as a woman permeate her writing of Inside the Dark Room, encouraging her to hold a mirror to the cultural standards of health, beauty, domesticity, and criticism of females in contemporary society.

(From page 24…)

In the post is a
Refund from the matchmaker:
Enough to buy a heifer

(Inside the Dark Room is available via Amazon.com with free shipping.)

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