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   Nov 19

–Beyond the Pillars

Beyond the Pillars (2015)
ISBN 978-0-6924-6730-5
by Loni Hoots

Go through the pillars and into the time portal to travel back in time. Travel back to Cleopatra’s reign, to the mysterious island that disappeared in the 1800’s, to the ancient Druids, among other places throughout time. The vivid imagery that bounces from the words off the page and into your mind will take you on a journey that you can enjoy in the morning or at night. 77 pages.

(A browse upon page 69…)

“The Mysterious City”

The hunt of the bull,
The temple that lives on top of the hill:
All of these things have been instilled in our minds.

Ahead of its time,
In both plumbing and schooling.
It’s hard to believe that this great city is now lost in the sea.

Carthage, Crete, Atlantis.
No one knows the real name of this ancient place
Nor knows what happened.
Ruins and theories,
Evidence and manhunts.
Those connected to the ancient city will never let up.
What was once our home,
Now lies on the ocean floor.
The city
And the palace will forever be lost.
But never forgotten.

(Beyond the Pillars is also available at Amazon.com.)

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