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   Jan 12

–Big City Nighttime Stories

Big City Nighttime Stories (2016)
by Gene McCormick
ISBN 978-0692612682
106 pages; $16 plus $2.50 shipping

Big City Nighttime Stories is my world, the world as I know it, spelled out with nuanced, evocative writing that is at once accessible while encouraging interpretations.” –Gene McCormick

“Ugliness always and everywhere has its enchanting side; it is exciting to hit upon it where no one has ever noticed it before.” –Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

(A browse upon page 22…)

“Population: 700″

Ties are not required of human drones
slogging through nine-to-five
casual working environments
but such by-the-hour support systems
don’t live in preening residences
on lots of an acre or larger,
overbuilt houses forcing themselves
to the edges of landscaped tracts:
more house, less grass for the
weekly lawn service to mow.
Heading east to west, vice versa,
it wouldn’t take five minutes
to drive end-to-village-end
of the hard-to-arrive-at destination.
North to south, a bit less.

Doctors, lawyers, and stockbrokers
make up the enclave’s earning power
and by day they all wear ties.
Home from their places of work
the first order of non-business
is unknotting, draping imported
multi-colored tie silk on special racks
sequestered in walk-in closets.
Ties are a pricey ornamentation
without practical function;
the men in these houses have many.
They like them.

(Big City Nighttime Stories is also available through Amazon.com.)

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