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   Feb 16

–Billy Boy

Billy Boy (2016)
ISBN 978-0692638903
by Rodney Nelson

“Most often, my poetry tries to take the reader out to prairie and desert and mountain—“the sticks”—but on occasion it can wither into something that only a stickman might have written. Find evidence of this in the wry, dry sticks of Billy Boy. I attempted to bind them all together with a string of “action” poems. It didn’t work, but the pile of remains may be worth a laugh. Here’s one: While Billy Boy was going on, a health lapse turned once-mesomorphic me into a stickman.” –Rodney Nelson

(A browse upon page 32…)

“Travel Advisory Update”


once and future nondemocracy for the drunk and ambiguous


creative anachronism with live ammo


home to a lifelong scouting program


national mandatory kennel club for bipeds


scenic high-decibel prison graveyard

(Billy Boy will soon be available via Amazon.com.)

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