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   Feb 28

–TAYLOR, Christina Finlayson

I am the publisher at Middle Island Press; my “specialty” according to my clients is layout and design, but many of my clients are unaware that I also pen poetry and have done so since childhood. Here under our Red Salon imprint I’ve published my first perfect-bound edition of Villanelles & Varia which was previously gifted as a saddle-stitched chapbook (no longer available).

I reside in West Virginia with my husband and the youngest of my three children.


Villanelles & Varia (2016)
Revised and Expanded Edition
ISBN 978-0692652626
by Christina Finlayson Taylor
97 pages, $13

The poems in Villanelles & Varia—”ultimately feminine, subjective, and introspective”—are a small time-capsule of the bountiful summer of the life of poetess Christina Finlayson Taylor. The breadth of subjects, in her words, “…extends from my heart and soul outward to the white picket fence that encloses my Paradise Within. This small perimeter, save for distant loved ones, is my entire multiverse. It is space without limitation; objects and situations turned inside-out. I am full-filled in the little things.”

This collection is a potpourri of formal structure rife with word-play and occasionally blessed with word-magic; and but one chapter of hopefully more to come: “If life is a school and classrooms are the chapters of my life, then I must graduate to something higher with each volume. Herein I cut my teeth.”

(A browse upon page 34…)

“Let It Flow”

It flows like morning rain–the mind receiving openly:
Thy servant in this moment when my life is poetry,
And breath is but the words that bind the thoughts that come to me,
And bound am I while in this flesh to speak the voice of Thee

By way of weaving streams of thought in crystal-clear construction
That none shall tear these words apart with motives of destruction
When inspiration comes bestowed from skies of highest planes
By She who speaks the tongue where universal truth remains;

And I, of intuition, there extend receptively,
And cast my silken sails among the vast infinity
Where subtle waves within the winds bespeak with certainty
The answers that unravel all abandoned mystery,

And as the spirit so demands and florid heart takes flight,
When scarlet flow or moon in full converge with quiet night,
Then thoughts and image swirl together, swell in soft embrace,
And words from pen to empty line, when summoned, fall in place.

(Villanelles & Varia is also available via Amazon.com, but here at the Middle Island Press website we sell signed copies.)

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