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   Sep 01


Obsessions (2016)
by Gene McCormick
ISBN 978-0-9980732-0-0
111 pages; $16.00 plus $2.50 shipping

Obsessions of daily life including passion, mystery, and even a minute or two of off-center romance provide emotional heft to a highly nuanced, uniquely evocative exploitation of minutes and hours ticking by in a multi-layered, thought-provoking, genteel insanity. Obsessions is, on the surface, accessible to the brink of literal transparency but a walk in a forest preserve, being parked in a shopping mall in a thunderstorm, going fishing, rubbing on lotion prove not so routine. As Neil Gaiman has said “Things can mean more than they literally mean.”

Obsessions is a novel, a short story, a book-length narrative poem.

(A browse upon page 15…)

How’s the coffee here, asks a stranger,
and the regular customer answers
Okay, but it’s not Starbucks,
which is a ten-minute further drive
which is why he chooses hazel nut,
salted caramel or Colombian
every morning at 7-Eleven.

(Obsessions is also available via Amazon.com.)

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