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   Dec 13

–Songs of the Mist

Songs of the Mist (2016)
ISBN 978-0-9980732-3-1
by Loni Hoots

Dive into the mist that surrounds the mountains, forests, and oceans; listen to the stories that mist has accumulated over the years. Listen to the stories of lost cities, of the ship that sails the seven seas to this very day, and of the blue cottage over on Juniper street. As your eyes and your mind are filled with the scenery, the mist will whisper the words in your ear from each poem. Paperback; 105 pages. $9.
(A browse upon page 69…)

“Beautiful Flower”

The depth of the eyes is never ending,
For they are the portals into one’s soul.
The smile one gives is so inviting,
Inviting the bees to come and find the sweet honey.
Such a beautiful flower
In the form of a person:
The skin is delicate,
Just as the petals are on the flower,
The lips injected with the sweet nectar of honey,
And the eyes draw you in,
Making you fall head over heels.

Songs of the Mist is available also via Amazon.com.

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