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   Mar 15


Hjemkomst (2017)
ISBN 978-0-9980732-6-2
By Rodney Nelson

“The landscape seems to transform into combinations of language and time. Mystery and epiphany are brought together in bright bursts, concise and sharp enough to leave afterimages. Nelson’s language is bold and innovative, upending phrases and staggering narrative in innovative ways.” –ThrewLine Books
Paperback, 63 pages; $12 plus $3 shipping.

(A browse upon pages 52 and 53…)

From “Swede Poems”

you do not come home to a
land that you have never seen but
arrive at a home to come
they who were living here have
not turned out to greet or kill you
a waiting army prairie fort
tells why and a garrison
hutment on river will direct
you to the not many men
of Västmanland who foreran you
to work dark richer tilth than
anyone could have dreamt to own
the hut stood high at neck of an
oxbow that you would have to
fence on but one side to keep them
in that had wanton run from
you during herdboy days would
log it to meadow sneck them all
in not have to worry at
flood river that it would reach the
hut you would let them out and
pen them here if you had to

(Hjemkomst is also available also via Amazon.com along with Nelson’s other titles.)

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