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   Mar 15


Hjemkomst (2017)
ISBN 978-0-9980732-6-2
By Rodney Nelson

“The landscape seems to transform into combinations of language and time. Mystery and epiphany are brought together in bright bursts, concise and sharp enough to leave afterimages. Nelson’s language is bold and innovative, upending phrases and staggering narrative in innovative ways.” –ThrewLine Books
Paperback, 63 pages; $12 plus $3 shipping.

(A browse upon pages 20 and 21 with special formatting omitted here due to technical limitations…)

“A Walk”

I am walking on a bike path
along the wooded river
the term
not enough to the local mind
they have to have a
bike path
walk the dog
not merely walk
not merely breathe
and I come around to a museum
where an event is going on
to which I have not been in-
vited having arranged my life
so that I would not be although I am
from the area
and in print
not every
wants to talk
on exhibit or be a public
entity when the leaves have come out and
poems are ready to follow
all I do now is walk
and make my lines
while I have legs to carry me

(Hjemkomst will soon be available also via Amazon.com along with Nelson’s other titles by Middle Island Press.)

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