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   Jan 26

–Wee Witty Whimsies

Middle Island Press Best-Seller:

Wee Witty Whimsies is a warming compilation of poetry and short prose pieces which is certain to summon smiles and laughter for those who like to believe that life is a comedy. It is a worthwhile read with work by the following contributors: Elizabeth Battle, Gerald Bosacker, Salvatore Buttaci, William Dunkerley, Raymond Neely, Claire Stuart, Terri Turrell, and Tammy Whisman.

(A browse upon pages 3, 9, and 23):

“Whimsies” by Gerald Bosacker

I saw a man fishing in one of his hats,
which seemed so exciting, I queried, “What’s biting?”
He said, “Mosquitoes, chiggers, and gnats!”

You never see a goldfish wink.
They can’t close their eye, you can’t see them cry,
and water’s all they ever drink!

Why should price expensive be
of fish and scale plus head and tail,
and eyes that stare back at me?

“What One’s Heart Shares” by Terri Turrell

Your ticker’s ticking still – it meets
each day with measured tocking beats;
the language of the lonely heart
is always loud enough to start
a conversation understood
by all who know how very good
it is to have a friend who cares…
to listen to what one’s heart shares.

One of several “Shorts” by Raymond Neely

I colored a girl’s teeth with a crayon,
and one with a marker, and she did
let me. I was going to town on it
like scratching off a lottery ticket.
She often ate crayons and she didn’t
mind. It was a happy day.


(Wee Witty Whimsies is also available through amazon.com.)

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