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   Mar 19

–Surviving Myself

Surviving Myself

(By Casey Stockard)

Surviving Myself is where romanticism meets reality, with delivery of lines finely finished in rhyme. Readers who enjoyed Stockard’s first chapbook will love her second one published through Middle Island Press.

(A browse upon Pages 1 and 18…)

“Trust Your Feet”

The power you have is so large and so strong
Push that mountain aside and keep moving along
You can accomplish anything you want starting today
Just put on your boots and be on your way
If there is a task that seems too big to complete
Keep pressing on and trust your feet
They will take you anywhere you need to go
Follow your heart, believe, and you’ll know
Everything in life will come to you
If you clear a path to let it through
Don’t get down or give up if things get tough
Just put on your helmet and prepare to play rough
There is nothing in this world that you cannot do
If you’re willing to work, it can happen for you
Don’t forget to take time to stop and rest
So that every day you can give it your best
On this journey you’ll never be left all alone
You won’t have to do everything on your own
If something bad happens that you don’t understand
Don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend for a hand
Just make sure you give to others as much as you get
And help a friend out who feels down in a pit
What you do on this journey will come back around
So be sure to share all the love that you’ve found


Scurry, scurry little bug
Atop the sunlit flat
Hurry, hurry to your home
Beneath the front doormat
Wiggle, wiggle through the crack
And flee into the dark
Rest, rest tiny bug
Escape your marauder’s mark


(This chapbook is also available through amazon.com.)

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