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   Apr 20

–The Flesh Is a Prison


The Flesh Is a Prison

(By Andrew Buckner)

This chapbook takes lofty lyricism to the highest peaks of poetry! Passionate, eloquent, and magical in its delivery, it is a real treat for intellectuals and lovers of words that sing with meaning.

(A browse upon Pages 7 and 23):

“Thy Heart as the Withered Rose”

Thy heart as the withered rose
Blossoms so solemnly in misery
Yet, in agonized secrecy it grows
Yearning to be free
Amongst the lurid earth’s unkempt repose
Amongst the fitful heavens,
The erratic sea,
The unsettled shore,
The amalgamated current that so listlessly flows
Abounding every tormented limb of thee!

Oh, life! Most piteous and cruel breath of being
Oh, restful death! Whose irrefutable vision
My weary eyes shall delight in seeing

Oh, the binding torment of an iris widely dreaming
Of uncovering communal delight
In rising above this society lost in the madness
In the wretched confusion of everyday life

Silently screaming.


Nor doubt, nor pain,
Nor melancholy bliss
Nor fervent ardor,
Nor resolution amidst
The raging cannon’s sanguinary covetous!

How ruthlessly squandered the expectant reveries
Of the hopeless!

How forsaken the auspicious foregoing’s dissipated digress!

Callous resonance more tumultuous and abiding
Than the vigorous essence’s monumental subsiding

Elucidating despair of the fairest divinity…

To what end the fanciful omnipotence of our combat-bridled infinity?


(This chapbook is also available through amazon.com.)

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